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5 Best Free Stock Chart Websites

Would you like to make tons of money from money? Well, if you have the patience and the right tools it will be very fun at least. It is possible to Investing stocks and become a stock analyzer from the comfort of your home. Although the idea sounds quite appealing it is very important for you to count with the help of the best stock analysis software. We have gathered interesting information about the best software of the field that can be used for free! Now you can become your own boss and invest in your luck!

1 takes is a very good options thanks to its obvious simplicity, friendly design , cleanliness and overall scalability. It offers amazing free graphics that are perfect for financial bloggers that do not want to waste time and miss the best deals.  The charts from this site are also very good .The site offers a variety of free tools and different ways of looking at any chart of desired actions. For investors who want to make a historical map and further analysis the site allows users to pay and get a software upgrade

2 Yahoo Finance

Yahoo Finance provides a mapping service similar to Google Finance. Apart from a few details this one is a simple option for those who do not want too many details and would like to avoid confusion. Perfect for beginners,  Yahoo’s mapping service is clear, easy to use and great for regular investors. Yahoo Finance is also the place to go for quotes, news and other facts.

3  is a very good stock analysis software that offers a clean and flexible way to look at the stock charts without getting too confused in the process. These graphics are community oriented stocks that offer an analysis in the form of notes in each graph. TradingView also supports very flexible and detailed graphics, and also offer a very good membership price for those who would like to upgrade for a paid option that offers a few other useful stock analyzer tools.

4 Google Finance

Google Finance offers a very clean graphic solution for investors that want to make the best out of their every minute. Two of its interesting features include the ability to see what major events took place in the days leading to the stock being analyzed and the ability to easily look back in time, an analysis of the historical performance of a stock and other related functions that have proved to be quite helpful. Comparing graphics and other indexes is also going to be quite simple for those who try this  stock analysis software.


We have also chosen this one because it is simple and even though not so well known on the web it can definitely provide high quality results for those who know how to deal with it.  or simply FINVIZ provide graphics that are easy to understand, very simple to read, and provides overlays that include technical analysis on them by default, which is something that other providers do not do while they chart, making it unique and very appealing for those who do not want to spend money.

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